Singapore National Day

Singapore is set to mark its’ 55th Birthday on 9 August this year.
2020 has shown to be the most difficult and unpredictable year from the last several decades. The unusual complex mix of economic, geo-political, social factors and events caused by COVID pandemic has been set in motion. Some common views and things we have taken for granted have been challenged. We have also displayed some unbelievable levels of adjustability, recognising the “unknows” and accepting the new norms to our lives.
Having said so, I feel exceptionally grateful to the Singapore Government for all the levels of support and protection it has provided during the past several months.
Singapore has been benefiting from the consistently competent administration for several decades. 55 years back, the newly born country, worried about the viability as a nation on a tiny island with no natural resources or adequate water supply, a population of nearly 2 million, and no defence capability of its own in the face of a military confrontation by a powerful neighbouring country. Singaporeans and their leaders however, made the grade. The transformation of the Singapore economy over the past five decades has been impressive, producing rapid economic growth and delivering extraordinary improvements in social welfare. During that period, Singapore has evolved into a developed economy with multiple engines of growth including globally competitive manufacturing clusters, one of the world’s pre-eminent financial and transportation centres, and the location for regional and global headquarters of major corporations. I have personally witnessed the steadily growing Singapore’s success throughout all ten years I have lived and worked in this country.
Now, deep in the crisis of a generation, the country is even more in need of the experienced guidance of the administration. And I feel confident about it. Singapore has already commenced gearing up for uncertainties with future economic strategies. To overcome the crisis, the Government has intervened through four successive Budgets to protect workers, households and companies. Singapore’s efforts in its fight against Covid-19 has been recognised by the World Health Organisation in its efforts to build hospital capacity to deal with a surge, perform contact tracing and isolate patients, which many countries in the rest of the world abandoned very early.
Singapore’s strengths are in its racial harmony, history, meritocracy, economy and governance with emphasis on maintaining security, law and order. For the country to continue to run efficiently and effectively, it needs the unity and resilience of its people and a continued trust in the government to lead the nation through the challenging times.
Despite 2020 being a challenging year for Singapore, the small nation has always kept space for celebrations.
The National Day Parade has always been one of my favourite celebrations in Singapore. I enjoy feeling those vibrations amplified by thousands of Singaporeans unified by their love for their country. It’s a manifestation of the Nation’s pride and power. This year however, it will be a smaller affair focused on safety and dedicated to frontline workers. I am still looking forward to watching it through the screen of my TV this time.

Happy Birthday Singapore and many glorious and successful years ahead! We trust in you.
Stay safe,