Shvabe Holding concluded two partnership agreements with the managing company of the Russia-Singapore Business Council (RSBC) – LLC RSTrade in Singapore. The cooperation is aimed at developing the growth of sales of Russian high-tech products in Southeast Asia.

The current interaction concerns the promotion of domestic developments presented in the exposition of the Singapore technology park and online platform connected with it. On the basis of the Center for the Foreign Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and the presentation of investment projects in the technology park, 12 products under the Shvabe are displayed on a permanent basis. According to the terms of the signed documents, LLC RSTrade will continue its presentation and online sales worldwide and in Southeast Asia, in particular.

“Southeast Asia today is one of the most promising markets. The cooperation of Shvabe with the Russia-Singapore Business Council ensures the entry of Russian high technologies and products based on them into this region. Based on the results of collaboration over the past year, a contract was signed with a Singapore company with a total supply of over 750 thousand portable cardiac devices. Of course, this partnership has a high economic attractiveness, and we intend to continue its development”, – said Alexey Patrikeev, General Director of Shvabe Holding and member of the Bureau of the Russian Engineering Union.

The general exhibition of Russian innovations opened in September 2018. The showroom demonstrates neonatal devices, digital IR thermometers, portable devices and other equipment for medicine and laboratory research, as well as Zenitar, Helios and Rubinar photo lenses. You can also familiarize yourself with the Holding’s solutions for transport infrastructure, which are also used in the framework of the Smart City project.

The interaction of the Shvabe Holding and the RSBC began in April last year as part of the annual Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue.