Search of business partners, verification of reliability and business reputation

Using experience gained by our team, access to various sources and databases, personal and business contacts, we offer our clients services of search of business partners in Russia, South and Southeast Asia regions. Working in close cooperation with the relevant ministries and authorities and various state and commercial organizations, chambers of commerce, industry and business unions, we obtain up-to-date information regarding market participants. Throughout the Council’s existence, looking for business partners for Russia and Singapore firms, and officially representing the Council in both countries, we have managed to create an extensive database of organizations that could become potential partners. The search for required information in the Customer interest is carried out with using of the following resources:

  • databases of departments and official representations;
  • commercial databases of firms;
  • exhibition catalogs;
  • Internet resources and others.

Information for members of the Council

Our Members are given preferential terms for the provision of these services. In order to obtain them, please send a request to email:, and our experts will contact you shortly.