Virtual office

One of the complex technical services which our customers can use at access to foreign markets is the service “Virtual Office” or office-in-office. This service allows foreign companies to explore new markets and take initial steps to establish a business without the additional costs of maintaining office space and its own staff.

When a contract for the rendering of the service “Virtual Office” the customer pays nonrecurrent gathering for the connection. Subsequent monthly gatherings include a basic set of services and may vary depending on the duration of the contract. Typical core set of services may include:

  • postal address (not post office box) to reception and sending correspondence;
  • own phone number;
  • domain registration in the national zone, its indexing in the local search engines;
  • fax number (also used by other companies);
  • the use of different databases and catalogues.

For each firm-customer is designated an employee who runs her messages. In addition to negotiating skills, language skills, ability to work independently, which are key in recruitment, employee in question, if necessary, take a short-term training at the customer enterprise, studying the technical aspects of its products.

The employee has the responsibility, for example, for processing and forwarding correspondence to customer by e-mail, reception of incoming phone calls, timely processing of incoming correspondence (working with supplier’s / customer’s orders, coordination of delivery schedules, handling of reclamation, sending reminders about the payment ), development of concepts of various activities to promote the client’s products (selection of exhibitions, advertising, distribution, texts for the press), searching and active attraction of new clients, preparation and support of the participation in the exhibition, marketing research, control of distributors’ working, translation into a foreign language, the creation and translation of the website.

The service “Virtual Office” is particularly relevant where the business affected on several specific factors: language barriers, time differences, distrust of counterparties, mental and cultural characteristics.

The advantage of the service “Virtual Office” is that it gives the opportunity to enter a new market significantly reducing costs, which are necessary for that, and, accordingly, carrying less risk. The service can be claimed by companies that wish to be present in Russia, Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region countries, but they do not have the ability to contain its own representative office.

Information for members of the Council

Our members are provided with preferential conditions in provision of this service. In order to get it, please send a request to email:, and experts will contact you soon.