Exhibitions, conferences, seminars, business missions

One of the main activities of the Council is the organization of business events for the business communities of two countries. RSBC provides a full range of services for business events of any level in Russia and Singapore.

Service list:

  • Organization of forums, conferences, presentation programmes and exhibitions.
  • Organization of business missions, bilateral / multilateral negotiations.
  • Development of a concept of business event.
  • Development of a programme of business event.
  • Selection of venue for business event.
  • Identification and justification of a budget of business event.
  • Management of business event.
  • Technical management of business event.
  • Organization of translation.
  • Promotional support of business event.
  • Transport service.
  • Organization of catering of business event.
  • Organization of excursion.
  • Accompaniment of delegations.

Advertising services:

  • Development of advertising models for placement in publications and on the official website.
  • Placement of press releases, announcements, news and image materials.
  • Organizing and conducting online conferences.
  • Branding of individual pages of website.
  • Active links in text boxes.
  • Subject (Analytical) reviews.

Information for members of the Council

Our Members are given preferential terms in provision of these services. In order to obtain them, please send a request to email: info@rsbc.today, and our experts will contact you shortly.