Russian innovative medical solutions to be delivered to Myanmar

Following the talks between the representatives of the Russia-Singapore Business Council and the healthcare system of the Republic of Myanmar, held on December 3 this year at the center for foreign promotion of Russian high-tech companies and presentation of investment projects in Singapore, where technological, product and project innovative solutions of the State Coronation Rostec in the field of medicine were presented, the Russian delegation paid a visit to Myanmar.

On December 10, experts of the Russia-Singapore Business Council, staff of Shvabe  (part of the State Corporation Rostec) and USAR+ – key companies specializing in medical technologies-visited the leading medical centers of the country and held talks, during which they discussed main directions of the program for the development of health infrastructure in Myanmar and the possibility of participation of Russian manufacturers.

At the meeting, agreements in principle were reached on the supply of high-tech solutions of Shvabe and YUSAR+ for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, primarily in the field of oncology and cardiology. The host party confirmed its intention to invite Rostec and the above-mentioned companies to implement national infrastructure projects in the field of healthcare. In addition to signing the relevant contracts for this, it is planned to create representative office of the Russia-Singapore Business Council in Myanmar in the format of a project office. The key functions of the representative office will be the prompt solution of issues related to the supply of equipment, methodological support of projects, the introduction of modern innovative solutions, ensuring partnership and expert interaction of medical institutions of Myanmar and leading Russian cancer and cardiac centers.

In the next few years as part of the implementation of the national health program in Myanmar, it is planned to build 13 cancer centers of the latest generation, each of which will be equipped with the equipment of the above companies using the resources of the digital platform RSTrade and contract financing.