Economy of Russia is the sixth economy among the world countries in terms of GDP at PPP (in 2015). PPP GDP of Russia in 2015 year made 3717 billion. The nominal GDP of Russia in 2015 amounted to 1324 billion, according to this indicator; Russia occupies the 12th place in the world. GDP at PPP per capita Russia 2015 takes 48-th place.

6355801_xlargeIn 2014 Russia’s economy is faced with serious challenges. A powerful shake-up is largely a consequence of geopolitical events that triggered a barrage of tough sanctions from the US and the EU. At the end of the year, for the fall of the ruble and collapse in oil prices excitedly watched even infinitely remote from the people involved in the world of finance. Analysts of all stripes predicted the quick and inevitable collapse.

According to the decisions of the top management, a draft Strategy for socio-economic development of the country was prepared for the period up to 2020 and a forecast until 2030. The aim is to double that by 2020 gross domestic product and to be among the five largest economies in the world, and on this basis improve the standard of living of the population. The strategy aims to change the direction of the development and structure of the national economy and to shift to innovative development path.