Russia-Singapore Business Council and vCargo Cloud met with the Japan Trade Association with Russia and the Newly Independent States (ROTOBO)

A tripartite meeting of the Russia-Singapore Business Council, vCargo Cloud and the Japanese Association for Trade with Russia and the Newly Independent States (ROTOBO) was held at SPIEF-2019.
The negotiations were held by Sergey Pronin (Deputy Chairman – Executive Director, Russia-Singapore Business Council), Desmond Tay (co-founder and CEO, vCargo Cloud) and Saito Daisuke (head of the ROTOBO Moscow office).
The main outcome of the meeting was an agreement on the mutual exchange of information on the production and technological capabilities of companies from Russia and Japan, as well as on the involvement of third countries, primarily Singapore, in Russian-Japanese cooperation. The key tool for this will be the digital platform RSTrade (operated by the executive structure of the Russia-Singapore Business Council) and its integrated solution with CamelONE platform (operated by vCargo Cloud).
The parties agreed to provide the tools of an integrated solution based on RSTrade in the information resources of the association. The platform RSTrade, in turn, will contain information about Japanese companies and their products and services. In addition, it was decided to hold a joint event in Japan in 2020 to introduce Russian business.
The Japanese side expressed interest in building multi-transaction chains with business associations from other regions, including the countries of the EAEU and the EU, using the Platform’s tools for this purpose.

For reference
The Japanese Association for Trade with Russia and the Newly Independent States (ROTOBO) has existed since 1967 (until the collapse of the USSR, it was called the Japanese Association for Trade with the USSR and Eastern Europe). This association is the only organization in Japan that promotes business cooperation between Japanese enterprises and the former socialist states of Eurasia. ROTOBO’s partner countries are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Mongolia. ROTOBO includes almost 200 members, including trading companies, enterprises of various industries, banks, fund companies, industry associations, agencies for the transport of passengers and goods, as well as local governments. ROTOBO enjoys a well-deserved reputation in business circles and is closely associated in its activities with government organizations both in Japan and in partner countries.

The decision to integrate the Russian trade and service information B2B platform RSTrade and the Singapore logistics platform CamelONE was made at the end of 2018. At the moment, the first integration stage has been successfully completed, and the banking and insurance services are also expected to be in the future. The integrated interface will allow transferring the entire transaction process to digital space, from purchasing goods to door-to-door delivery, which is a step towards full automation of trade flows between the EAEU and ASEAN. According to estimates by Bloomberg, the RSTrade and CamelONE integration solution for the automation of international trade and international multimodal transport may have global importance in the near future.