RSTrade and CamelOne integration solution was presented at the II Eurasian digital forum

The II Eurasian digital forum, organized by the Eurasian Economic Commission, was held on site of one of the largest CIS exhibitions devoted to information and communication technologies-“Tibo 2019”, which is held  from 8 to 12 April in the capital of Belarus — Minsk. Besides EAEU countries, heads of state authorities, businessmen and experts from South Korea, Germany, China, Latvia and Azerbaijan engaged in the work.

The plenary session “Prospects of creating a single digital market: drivers and barriers” opened the Forum. Karine Minasyan, Member of the Board, Minister in charge of internal markets,  information and communication technologies of EEC delivered a welcoming speech and noted the following: “We face with a concrete reality in our economies, that is why the presidents of our countries have put into the digital agenda: it is necessary to create our own Eurasian ecosystems to ensure the competitiveness of our countries in long term. We are moving towards ecosystems through the implementation of joint projects, when it is necessary to implement projects under the condition of preserving national sovereignty and to work through digital sandboxes, not first to form legislation, but to work out new technologies and business models, and only then on their basis to form fundamental legislation”.

Within the thematic session devoted to the formation of ecosystems of digital transport corridors, the development of digital model of employment and employment of citizens of EAEU states, as well as the development of  Eurasian industrial cooperation, subcontracting and technology transfer, Director of strategy and development of the Russia-Singapore Business Council Andrey Bykov presented an integrated solution of electronic B2B platforms RSTrade (operator – LLC Rstradehouse, Russia) and CamelOne (operator vCargo Cloud, Singapore) which integrate trade and payment services of foreign economic activity (logistics, insurance, customs support, etc.). The audience was particularly interested in contract manufacturing services and the possibility of its use in the framework of projects of the Eurasian digital corridors and the Technology transfer network, industrial cooperation and subcontracting by companies from all countries of the EAEU. The representatives of  EEC pointed out that the draft integrated solution between RSTrade and CamelOne is an indicator of the possibility of successful cooperation within the consortium of companies and organizations of supranational, state and business structures established under the auspices of  EEC. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to develop cooperation not only within the EAEU, but with external market in different directions.

Within the exhibition and Forum, there was also held a series of negotiations with potential cooperation partners, there were reached preliminary agreements on various options of cooperation between RSTrade and companies from Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan.