Representatives of Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board visited the renovated Foreign Promotion Centre

The renovation of the Foreign Promotion Centre (FPC) in Singapore is nearing completion. The doubled area of the renovated Foreign Promotion Centre in Singapore allows for simultaneous representation of up to several hundred exhibitors, both in physical and virtual formats. The Centre’s infrastructure allows to hold any events, from congresses and exhibitions to educational ones, and if necessary even to place production, in particular, 3D printing of objects of any complexity. Exhibitors and guests of the Centre can enjoy high-speed Internet connection and a wide range of communication channels, from the already familiar Zoom to video conferencing with several levels of security. During the pandemic, the “virtual conference room” service has become one of the most popular.


On July 29, representatives of the Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) visited the FPC at the invitation of Deputy Chairman – Executive Director of RSBC Sergey Pronin. The parties discussed plans for further cooperation and the possibility of making the most effective use of the FPC infrastructure. A number of business, cultural and sport events are planned for November-December 2020 and will be held with the support of ESG and STB.

In the future, the parties do not exclude the creation of a similar centre in Moscow to represent the business and industrial infrastructure of Singapore as a key regional hub.

The official opening of the renovated Centre in Singapore is scheduled for August 2020.