The next issue of RBG magazine, the RSBC’s information partner, dedicated to the business of Ulyanovsk region, was published

Over the past 5 years Ulyanovsk region has consistently been in top 10 of the national investment climate rating of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for the promotion of new projects among all 85 subjects of the Russian Federation. Read the new issue of Russian Business Guide magazine about how investment policy in the region is developing today and what support measures the government provides for small businesses.
The attractiveness of Russian products has recently increased significantly. Many manufacturers over the past years «have increased their mass» and have a desire to enter the foreign market. According to analysts the export of goods from Russia is growing, but not as fast as we would like. And one of the obstacles to its growth can be called difficulties which arise when processing documents for the export of goods and passing various checks. Learn how to remove administrative barriers to export and help to promote Russian products to foreign markets in our new issue of Russian Business Guide magazine.

Read the latest issue of  Russian Business Guide magazine!