Summary of the first participation day of LLC RSTradehouse in airshow in Bangalore

LLC RSTradehouse acting on behalf of a number of Russian companies is taking part in the show “Aero India 2017”. This is the largest airshow in the region of South and South-East Asia conducted once every 2 years and considered to be the milestone event in the field of world aerospace industry. The main part of the presented production and services is certainly the production and technology of military and double purpose. LLC RSTradehouse presents exclusively the civil products and the events in Bangalore are organized in the framework of the business mission of the representatives for Russian aviation industry.


During the first day the officials of LLC RSTradehouse held business meetings with Russian companies such as “Aviazapchast” PLC, R&D and manufacturing Association “Basalt” and R&D and manufacturing Association “Pribor” JCS as well as foreign companies such as Data Patterns Pvt, Ltd., Tata Power Company Ltd, Intech DMLS Pvt. Ltd., Southern Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt. Ltd., SP Guide Publications Pvt. Ltd., Nebula Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, Astra Microwave Products Ltd. all of them are the participants of the airshow. Following the results of the negotiations some key decisions were made for the further development of multilateral relations between companies from Russia, India and South-East countries.
For example, Standards Directory – National Indian Bureau outlined the interest of Indian manufacturing companies for the extension of cooperation including on the issues of regional cooperation and mutual entry into third markets.
Moreover, the variants of cooperative training of Russian and Indian specialists for aerospace industry were discussed in the framework of the meeting with the Technical Institutes Association of India.
During the negotiations with Indian partners the opportunities provided by the electronic trade platform RSTrade for the development of multilateral cooperation, official presentation of which will be held on 16th of February. The platform started to operate on 25th of November, 2016 and today 126 high-technology Russian and foreign companies are registered at the platform as well as the suppliers of specialized services. Herewith the platform is currently run on three languages – Russian, English and Indonesian and eventually its interface will be translated to other languages.IMG_2446-15-02-17-08-01
For information: in the framework of the business mission to India such companies as Air-navigation and Information Technologies JSC, Russian Helicopters JSC, BG-Optics, The State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation, The Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA), Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies JSC (KRET), Intelcom line, YSAR+ , Concern “Avtomatika”, Roscongress Foundation and the managing company of Pulkovo airport.
Sponsor of the business mission is Russian Helicopters JSC and the partners are Air-navigation and Information Technologies JSC and YSAR+.