Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

Russia-Singapore Business Council wishes you a Happy New Year!

The outgoing year 2019 was interesting and eventful. Together we did a lot. Representation of the Council in Samara has opened. An agreement was reached to open a representative office in Myanmar. New members of the Council appeared and several more applications were received, requiring approval by the General Meeting. The work of the Council was highly praised at the highest level.

In 2019, there were 8 business missions to Singapore, 4 to Malaysia, 1 to Myanmar, 3 to Indonesia, 1 to Taiwan, 1 to Cyprus, as well as a number of business visits to China. Each business mission made it possible to establish new contacts and ties, expand international cooperation. Together, we managed to create a Center for Overseas Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and Presentation of Investment Projects in Singapore, which this year celebrated its second birthday. A permanent showroom of Russian technologies was formed on the basis of the Center, more than 20 business and educational events were held, and the implementation of several serious engineering projects was launched. In 2020, a large-scale renovation of the Center and expansion of the format of its activities to other industries are planned.

New successes over the past year were achieved by the international electronic trade and service B2B Platform RSTrade. Now it has registered over 82 thousand companies from 23 countries, representing 274 types of services and thousands of types of goods. The integration of the RSTrade Platform with the Singaporean CamelONE service and logistics platform (operator – vCargoCloud company) has begun, which took us all a step closer to a single digital transport corridor between the EAEU and ASEAN.

The export contracts concluded with our participation formed a serious reserve for business activity for the New Year 2020 in Southeast Asia. The volume of Russian non-primary exports is growing due to technological solutions and innovative products of industrial partners and Council members, their well-coordinated work with the teams of the Russian and Singaporean offices of its executive structure.

Among the cultural projects implemented with the support and participation of the Council, the Russian Film Week in Singapore became especially memorable, once again proving that art is stronger than language and geographical barriers. As a result of the success of the Russian Film Week, the High-Level Russia-Singapore Intergovernmental Commission decided to make this event an annual event in order to further bring our peoples closer together and develop strong friendships.

Yes, over the past year we really managed to do a lot, and all this became possible thanks to the reliable partnership that connects us with you, dear Friends and Colleagues. The opportunity to cooperate with you is a great honor and great joy for us. All of us are waiting for the holidays ahead, opening the new year 2020, promising new achievements and new peaks, which, we are sure, will be conquered. We sincerely hope that you will continue to be with us on this challenging, but such an interesting path.

The Russia-Singapore Business Council wishes you and your loved ones health, happiness and prosperity, and your business – success and prosperity in the new year.

Happy holidays!