Interview of Sergey Pronin and Desmond Tay to RBC TV Channel

On June 7, 2019 Sergey Pronin (Deputy Chairman – Executive Director, Russia-Singapore Business Council) and Desmond Tay (CEO, vCargo Cloud) gave a joint interview to RBC TV Channel.

Mr Pronin and Mr tay told about the model for promoting Russian technoloies in the Asia-Pacific region. The model is based on the combination of two ways of the presence of Russian companies in Asia – physical and virtual. The virtual way is possible through the work of RSTrade and CamelONE platforms.

Trade and service information B2B platform RSTrade is operated by the executive structure of the Russia-Singapore Business Council. For today more than 80 000 companied from 23 countries are represented on the Platform. Singapore platform CamelONE specializes in providing logistics services and controls 12% of the logistics market in Southeast Asia. The decision to integrate the platforms was made at the end of 2018, and at the moment we can talk about the successful completion of the first phase of the project. The next step should be the integration of banking and insurance services. The integrated interface will allow transferring the entire transaction process to digital space, from purchasing goods to door-to-door delivery, which is a step towards full automation of trade flows between the EAEU and ASEAN.

Physical presence of Russian companies in Asia is provided by the Centre for Overseas Promotion of Russian High-Tech Companies and the Presentation of investment projects in Singapore. The Centre provides support to Russian companies in search for local partners and promotion to the markets of Southeast Asia. An important aim is to find partners in Singapore and other countries identifying prospects for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation. A permanent exhibition of the showroom of Russian technologies has been launched in a format of Digital Experience Centre. In the future it is planned to create similar centers in other countries of the Asia-Pacific region, primarily in Korea and Japan.


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