Executive Director of the Council Sergey Pronin took part in the international forum on digitalization

Forum “Digital agenda in the era of globalization» took place in Almaty on February 1, 2019. Heads of government of the EAEU countries, heads of the EEC, statesmen of different countries, businessmen, public persons, scientists and members of the media took part in this forum.

Within the coordination session “Digital agenda of EAEU”, which was organized by the European Economic Commission, there took place a presentation of the Executive Director of the Council, CEO of RSTradehouse LLC Sergey Pronin. He represented a project of the further integration of two international digital platforms – RSTrade, managed by RSTradehouse (Russia), and CamelONE, managed by the company group vCargo Cloud (Singapore). Special attention was payed to the perspectives of this project being used within the implementation of the digital agenda of EAEU and its interaction with the markets of other macro-regions and integration unions, such as ASEAN.

Among the main theses there should be mentioned:

  1. Integration will provide a new universal multilingual technical solution;
  2. This solution is capable for the further integration in the EAEU and ASEAN projects, and we are open to that;
  3. It will provide automation tools for the selection of goods and services, foreign economic activities, engineering and financial services, as well as contract manufacturing;
  4. It helps to attract the interest of potential partners from different countries and to increase the turnover;
  5. It promotes the development of a competitive environment among users, both commodity producers and service providers, reduces the total value of goods and services while maintaining profits;
  6. “One-window” interface is convenient for users;
  7. Operation algorithms provide protection of the information and high speed of work;
  8. Companies, products and services become more recognizable, search and selection is convenient;
  9. Payments can be made in different in various currencies and variants.

The presentation can be found on this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RCl8YSFgTOYwmJ-qWbUZ5KHiK3Iiv19u/view?usp=sharing

The presentation aroused serious interest of the audience. This is particularly relevant as RSTrade platform is becoming a part of a consortium implementing the project to create a unified technology transfer platform within the EAEU under the auspices of the EEC.