Announcement of the Russia-Singapore Business Council events at the SPIEF-2019

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2019), one of the most important events in the world of economics and business, will be held on June 6-8, 2019 in St. Petersburg. The Forum is rightfully considered to be one of the leading platforms for communication between representatives of the business community, where economic issues that have not only national, but also global importance are discussed.

Experts and partners of the Russia-Singapore Business Council will take an active part in the work of the Forum.

Below you can find a list of key events for the Business Council at SPIEF-2019.



Strategy session “Strategy for the Future of the Eurasian Economic Union”

Within the framework of the strategic session, it is planned to discuss the prospects for further development of the EAEU, taking into account the attention now paid to the formation of high-tech and innovative Eurasian space, the digital transformation of economies and stimulation of business activity. Desmond Tay, co-founder and CEO of the Singapore-based company vCargo Cloud (VCC), will speak at the session. VCC and the Russia-Singapore Business Council are successfully implementing a project to integrate two platforms: the B2B trade and service platform RSTrade, which is operated by the executive structure of the Council – RSTradehouse LLC, and CamelONE logistics platform, operated by VCC. The integrated interface will allow transferring the entire transaction process to digital space, from purchasing goods to door-to-door delivery, which is a step towards full automation of trade flows between the EAEU and ASEAN.


Negotiations with the Japanese Association for Trade with Russia and the Newly Independent States (ROTOBO)

One of the most important tasks of the Business Council is the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the business circles of Russia not only with Singapore and ASEAN countries, but also with all states of the Asia-Pacific region, primarily with Japan – one of the recognized world leaders in high technologies.

Representatives of RSBC will discuss the prospects of cooperation between Russian and Japanese manufacturing companies with Mr. Saito Daisuke, the head of the Moscow office of the Japanese Association for Trade with Russia and the new independent states (ROTOBO). This association is the only organization in Japan that promotes business cooperation between Japanese enterprises and the former socialist states of Eurasia.


Signing of the Cooperation Agreement with the National Association of Technology Transfer (NATT)

The agreement provides for cooperation between RSBC and NATT in establishing effective communication between expert communities and business circles of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Singapore in the field of developing technology transfer.


Signing of the Cooperation Agreement with the Non-Commercial Partnership “International Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Users of Medical Equipment

The subject of the agreement will be cooperation in order to promote the products of the Partnership using the trade and service information B2B platform RSTrade. A special digital specialized catalog will be created on the Platform in accordance with the classifier of medical equipment provided by the Partnership.


Negotiations with the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Exporters of Russia

The subject of negotiations will be mutual information exchange and support in promoting joint projects, including the promotion of digital B2B Platform RSTrade to the markets of Russian regions.



Signing of the Cooperation Agreement with NOVIKOMBANK

The agreement provides for cooperation in the sphere of joint development and use of the infrastructure of the Russia-Singapore Business Council in Russia and Singapore, including the digital information and service B2B Platform RSTrade. The services of “NOVIKOMBANK” will be integrated into the platform interface. It is planned to implement joint projects on formation of new digital financial services. The parties seek to consolidate existing, as well as search and develop new long-term partnerships in Southeast Asia.


EASTBOUND competition

The second pitch session of the open international competition of start-ups EASTBOUND will be held on the margins of the Forum. The goal of EASTBOUND is to support the efforts of Russian technology companies to enter international markets. Participants in the competition – young Russian startups in the field of artificial intelligence – will be able to present their projects to potential investors from China and Singapore. The jury, which is going to investigate startups focused on Southeast Asia, will incude Sergey Pronin, Deputy Chairman – Executive Director, Russia-Singapore Business Council, and Desmond Tay, CEO, vCargo Cloud.

The competition is held jointly with Skolkovo and Roskongress foundations with the participation of a number of foreign partners.


Interview of Sergey Pronin and Desmond Tay to RBC TV Channel

RBC is the largest non-state media holding in Russia, including the eponymous television channel, magazine, newspaper and news agency. RBC has traditionally focused on topical business information, positioning itself as an information platform for business representatives.

In his interview, Sergey Pronin, Deputy Chairman – Executive Director, Russia-Singapore Business Council, and Desmond Tay, CEO, vCargo Cloud, will talk about new horizons of business cooperation, which opens up the development of information technologies, as well as present a joint project of the Russia-Singapore Business Council and vCargo Cloud to integrate RSTrade and CamelONE platforms operated by these organizations.



Desmond Tay participating in the discussion “EAEU-ASEAN”

Within the framework of the discussion, possible prospects for partnership between the EAEU and ASEAN will be discussed, taking into account the opportunities offered by the Memorandum of Economic Cooperation, signed in November 2018. The possibilities and advantages that the EAEU opens up for business development, attracting foreign partners and investments, prospects for the development of trade between the blocks, as well as problems and challenges facing the development of trade and business interaction between the EAEU and ASEAN countries will be examined

The discussion will be attended by representatives of business circles and large business associations. One of the speakers will be Desmond Tay, CEO, vCargo Cloud.



At the exhibition stand of the State Corporation Rostec, one of the initiators of the creation and active member of the Russia-Singapore Business Council, guests of the forum can familiarize themselves with the interface of the international information and service B2B Platform RSTrade.

Platform is fully developed in Russia. It is operated by the executive structure of the Russia-Singapore Business Council – RSTradehouse LLC, which is included in the list of agents of the Russian Export Center for facilitating the withdrawal of Russian companies to the markets of ASEAN countries.

Platform RSTrade is integrated with the the State Industry Information System and with CamelONE international electronic platform (operated by vCargo Cloud, Singapore). To date, more than 80 thousand companies from 23 countries are represented on the Platform.

The development of RSTrade contributes to the implementation of the National Project “International Cooperation and Export”, solving the tasks of expanding the range of Russian non-resource-based exports and including a larger number of companies in foreign trade, creating additional opportunities for the development of international cooperation involving Russian industrial and transport enterprises as well as service providers. According to estimates by Bloomberg, the RSTrade and CamelONE integrated solution for the automation of international trade and multimodal transport may have global importance in the near future.